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2012-12-27 19:23:40 Author:SystemMaster

Recently, Materials Protection, Wuhan Research Institute of Machinery Science Research Institute established the "Machine Key Laboratory for Corrosion and Protection," the construction project through the acceptance.

   Industrial Materials Mechanical Key Laboratory of Corrosion and Protection of the Environment and corrosion test station and the research laboratories of two parts: the construction of environmental corrosion test station, atmospheric corrosion, Wuhan National Field Research Station, Korla national field atmospheric corrosion Research Station, etc.; organized into specialized research laboratories, anti-corrosion coating materials technology laboratory, surface treatment technology laboratories. The main material of the natural environment to carry out laboratory corrosion behavior, regularity; laboratory accelerated corrosion test methods and electrochemical corrosion studies; for the construction of national key basic and major construction projects need to carry out materials, products, environmental adaptation, life prediction and corrosion control technology; efficiency, environmental protection, new anti-corrosion materials and technology; environmental corrosion test techniques and methods of standardization and corrosion protection technology databases and consulting services. Through two years of construction, the current focus of the lab has electrochemical measurement system, the cycle accelerated corrosion test chambers and other equipment of 29 sets of major equipment, the formation of a stable R & D team, and has made a number of high level of scientific research .

   Industrial Materials Mechanical Key Laboratory of Corrosion and Protection of the success and acceptance, is the Materials Protection, Wuhan General Hospital of mechanical science and technology workers, Institute of result of joint efforts for the protection of Wuhan Science and Technology R & D material provides a new platform, which the research and innovation ability to play a role in promoting continuous improvement; show the Materials Protection, Wuhan Institute of Corrosion and Protection technology in the industry advantages and position, to undertake projects and outreach for the addition of a new bright spot; but also for the location of Wuhan Institute of Materials Protection "Twelve Five" period to carry out more extensive research and innovation activities and technical service and laid a good foundation